No Chemicals. No Nonsense. No Worries.

Little Coconut is about Simplicity. Simply using the best of nature's offerings for life's most precious gifts.

With coconut at the company foundation, we uniquely provide organic, premium quality baby care products, using a minimalistic approach.

About Us

Because we like to keep it simple; only pure, nature derived ingredients, that serve a beneficial purpose are used.
Why? Simple. We love babies and children! Their health and well being is our priority.
Little Coconut was founded by a mom and pediatric nurse. Being well aware of what our little ones delicate skin can be and is exposed to was just unsettling to ignore. So a decision was made to advocate their health and create change. And thus, Little Coconut was created.
Skin is a first line of defense and it must be protected. Choosing what goes on it really matters to us. Therefore, selecting coconut deriatives as our company foundation was an easy decision. Why? Simple. We love coconut! And for good reason. Coconut and its proven benefits have been widely used for centuries. Aside from being ultra moisturizing, it is also antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and can benefit essentially every function of the body. Its uses are really endless. Quite simply, just a Little Coconut is all you need.