Our Story

It really all started at a pretty early age and being an absolute cocoNUT! Loving the taste, the smell, everything about coconut, in every form! That was definitely step one. Then later, learning all the wonderful benefits and properties in coconuts..Oh my! Jump ahead several years of personal use. Phil and I met, married, and were raising our oldest daughter Lilly. In 2016, Lydia was born. Already being health conscious and an RN, I was not in the dark about labels or the dreadful ingredients companies put in their products. Therefore, I was already concerned about harmful chemicals and unsafe ingredients not only in adult products, but even more unsettling was the use in children's products. After having Lydia, it became more personal and it impacted me on a deeper level. I didn't want any baby or child, for that matter, to be subjected to it; my baby, our babies-our dependent and delicate children needed a change (not just a diaper change). They needed a HUGE change, finally giving them what their skin needs and deserves. I decided I wanted to make that happen and it became my mission. Soon after, I thought how amazing it would be to have wet wipes made with coconut oil and be all organic. I scoured the internet and found there was absolutley nothing like that! I decided that would be my first product. I then wanted the entire company to be based on coconut, as there was nothing like that either. So, that became the premise of the company-an organic baby care line that is completely safe, gentle and having coconut derivatives at the foundation. From there, I went to work and will only stop at the best. My own children are always a driving force for me and my husband is always my biggest support, no matter what the case or situation. So, with them at my side, the Little Coconut story continues to unfold. This has become so close to my heart; being a mom and pediatric nurse, I absolutely love babies and children. They are truly life's most precious gifts. I want to share this passion with children everywhere and I want to give your children only the best.

Blaire Shamoun, Founder 

          "Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14